Advantages of online viral marketing


Community marketing, SNS marketing, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


6 Factors of Korean Information Trust

1. Other consumer experiences (38%)
2. Internet search (23%)
3. Using samples (13%)
4. TV Advertising (13%)
5. Offline ads (8%)
6. Expert Recommendation (5%)


01. Other consumer experiences
Exposure conversion, maximizing prospects by establishing behaviors such as blogs, cafes / communities, SNS, etc.


02. Search the Internet
Produced content spreads through 2nd party and 3rd party through personal blog, cafe, portal, community, and SNS> Provides trust in internet search by creating SEO optimized Korean homepage


03. Sample Usage / TV Advertising / Offline Advertising
Online advertising TV advertising SNS advertising offline events, etc., have a long-lasting memorization of the contents, which invites acquaintances to natural viral


04. Expert Recommendation
As each community becomes active and becomes listed on the exchange, expertise is recognized and the flow of customers increases explosively